A Big Announcement

This week has been a little quieter than usual here at Mother Sugar. We would normally be sharing a post from Bitter en Zoet, one of our best loved contributors. Instead, we are grateful and very happy to announce that Bitter en Zoet recently gave birth to a healthy and beautiful child. Continue reading

The Joy of Pumpkin Guts

Like so many North American kids I loved carving pumpkins before Halloween. Pumpkin carving took on a whole different meaning in my family though.  Amongst my cousins you only need to mention pumpkin and there will be laughter and knowing.  … Continue reading

A Nun, a Revolution, and the Diplomat’s Wife

PavlovaMud sweetened MotherSugar just a couple of days ago with a great post about first kisses. I’d been cooking a few ideas myself so am offering a savoury alternative for anyone who still has appetite for it.

While baking a cake last Thursday (yes, a cake) I heard a couple of stories on the radio about women and politics. Not women running for office, although I could definitely spend time talking about that right now, but women publically leveraging their roles as wives and nuns to advocate for gender equality. Forgive me but that was just too juicy to pass up! Continue reading

Parenting Dilemma: Soccer Mom vs Zen Mom

I am a good mom. I have no doubt about this. The thing is, being a good mom makes for all kinds of uncertainties and for regularly doubting my good-momminess. Right now I am struggling with my kids’ activities. Last year, my oldest daughter flat out rejected every activity in which we had previously enrolled her. She hated dance, was bored at gymnastics, indifferent to piano. Soccer and art class were only tolerated. So, my husband and I backed off and did not enroll her in any extracurricular activities. My middle daughter on the other hand wanted to do it all. Continue reading