Becoming mothers.

When we were younger (and by ‘we’ I mean my small group of childhood girlfriends) — not yet driving, still celebrating birthdays with pool parties and sleepovers, passing multicolor notes in study hall — we would comment on the fact that someday we’d attend each other’s weddings.  If we weren’t then distracted by another pressing topic, the conversation would continue:

“Just think about when we all have babies.

“And when our babies hang out together.

“Hopefully we all have babies at the same time.”

“Yeah, we should definitely plan it that way.”

“We have to.”

“You and (insert name of current love interest) will have super cute babies.”

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Dear Diary

I have started to write and then thrown away too many blog posts this week.  I am feeling unable to generate anything of quality.  So I have decided to share with you an idea that I have been kicking around.  A while ago I dug out my old diaries and gave them a read.  They were full of ridiculousness that was begging to be shared publicly. When I wrote these entries, over twenty years ago, every word was serious and a precious secret.  Continue reading

The Typography of My Thighs

I am 40 years old.  I am 5’9 and have weighed between 120 and 147lbs since the age of 17, which is when I first remember weighing myself without being told to stand on the scale by a doctor or nurse.  Fine, you’d think.  That’s healthy.

But something told me it wasn’t ok to love my perfectly tall and thin body.   Continue reading

Join the Conversation: Life’s Luxuries (These were your favourites!)

Lemon Tart is (very!) Lemon Tardy summing up the March Salon Question: What is the luxury you cannot do without and why is it indispensable to you? You all had delicious things to say. In fact, if I strung all of them together it sounds like the kind of day or weekend that would be hard to resist. Imagine 48 hours of this:

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Join the Conversation: What was the best money you’ve ever spent?

The pointer on the computer screen hovered over the word “Submit”. Ninety dollars seemed like a lot of money. When I had thought of it as $30 per month for three months, it hadn’t seemed so bad. I thought I’d … Continue reading

The Drop

It’s Christmas and I wanted to write something timely for you.  I thought I would pen something heartwarming and sentimental about the holiday season or maybe a witty take on the chaos; but I can’t!  I’m done.  Not that the holiday was bad or that I am overwhelmed by it but I am simply feeling ready to move on from the holiday now.  So, know that I wish all of you a wonderful season but let’s leave it there.  Christmas = over.

Instead let me share with you something that happened before Christmas: Continue reading

In the shelter of others

In case you missed it, there’s a new feature here at Mother Sugar called, The Salon: What You Know For Sure. Every month we’ll be asking a new question and inviting all of you to respond. Big or small, long or short, send us your memories and we’ll share ours. Today’s post draws on this month’s theme:

When you were 18, what did you imagine your future would look like? How close does your life today come to that vision?

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The Joy of Pumpkin Guts

Like so many North American kids I loved carving pumpkins before Halloween. Pumpkin carving took on a whole different meaning in my family though.  Amongst my cousins you only need to mention pumpkin and there will be laughter and knowing.  … Continue reading