Join the Conversation: Life’s Luxuries

A big thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts on last month’s conversation question. I don’t know about all of you but it really makes me feel like I’m part of a larger community. Delicious. So here is the March question for you! Beginning with a little story: Continue reading

On Becoming a Yoga Teacher or Drinking the Hippie Kool Aid

“Yoga teacher training will change your life.” This is what the nice lady behind the counter of the yoga studio told me every time I asked about taking yoga teacher training.

At this, I always cocked my head to the side, squinted my eyes and thought, “Really? You know this? You, standing behind that counter in your stretchy pants know this about me?” Continue reading

A Problem of Selfishness

When I was seventeen I asked my grandfather to help me figure out my university major.  Theatre, history, politics, basket weaving?  He told me the question was irrelevant.  It doesn’t matter what you study, it only matters how it will be used. How will you give back what you learn to the world? Continue reading

Truths and Tautologies

Truths and Tautologies.

Catchphrases.  Quotable quotes. Life Commandments.  Maybe our mothers used to say them; maybe we read them in some book and it sounded smart to use in conversation.  Maybe we wrote them in lipstick on a lover’s bathroom mirror in a desperate(ly pathetic) act of romantic grandiosity.  Or maybe they were just simple things we’ve picked up along the way that we have found to be, well, pretty damned accurate in this ongoing tightrope walk we walk.

It’s a balancing act, this thing called life

Continue reading

Parenting Dilemma: Soccer Mom vs Zen Mom

I am a good mom. I have no doubt about this. The thing is, being a good mom makes for all kinds of uncertainties and for regularly doubting my good-momminess. Right now I am struggling with my kids’ activities. Last year, my oldest daughter flat out rejected every activity in which we had previously enrolled her. She hated dance, was bored at gymnastics, indifferent to piano. Soccer and art class were only tolerated. So, my husband and I backed off and did not enroll her in any extracurricular activities. My middle daughter on the other hand wanted to do it all. Continue reading