Join The Conversation, Get Inspired, & Win Mother Sugar’s First Giveaway

To connect. That was our goal when we started Mother Sugar eight months ago. We wanted to share thoughts about the lives we were living, we wanted to try and express them poignantly. And we wanted to learn from one … Continue reading

A Life of Luxury: Choices, Trade offs, and the Benefits of Busyness.

I am not a busy person. I wake up without an alarm, spend a good portion of time in bed checking Pinterest, shower the dog with morning cuddles, talk to the bump, before slowly (more slowly each week) rolling out … Continue reading

Pride and Prejudice

Some years ago I attended a training session in Boston. I’d never been to Boston. Funnily enough, just a few weeks before, I’d met an author at an event I was working – a delightfully eccentric, older (than me) man with a sharp mind, voracious curiosity, and less than average enthusiasm for diplomacy. It wasn’t that kind of encounter but it was really great conversation.

“If you’re ever in Boston…” he’d said. Continue reading