A Nun, a Revolution, and the Diplomat’s Wife

PavlovaMud sweetened MotherSugar just a couple of days ago with a great post about first kisses. I’d been cooking a few ideas myself so am offering a savoury alternative for anyone who still has appetite for it.

While baking a cake last Thursday (yes, a cake) I heard a couple of stories on the radio about women and politics. Not women running for office, although I could definitely spend time talking about that right now, but women publically leveraging their roles as wives and nuns to advocate for gender equality. Forgive me but that was just too juicy to pass up! Continue reading

Rites of Spring

I have a spring ritual. This ritual consists of eagerly, hungrily looking for any sign of spring in plant form (new leaves, flowers – especially flowers), and then announcing their arrival to anyone who’ll listen to me. If I’m walking outside with someone, I’ll make them stop to look at whatever it is I see. “Oh my god, look, leaves!” I have also been known to take pictures of my finds. Like this cherry tree  – the first to bloom in the city (according to my research) taken in early February. Continue reading