About Us

Mother Sugar is a community of women brought together by a common desire to share our experiences of life’s modern day ironies.  We expect both the frivolous and serious to appear.   Family, love, career, hopes and dreams, not having it all, figuring it out, that feminist rant after you’ve iced a three layer sponge cake: you’ll find it all here.  This is where we reflect on the things we don’t have the occasion to express in our everyday lives. It’s what we’d love to tell our best friend, if only she still lived across the street. A public conversation among friends that remains intimate, real and varied, we hope the magic of this blog rests not only in our individual reflections but in what we can offer each other as we tell our stories.

Mother Sugar is a cheerleading squad, a mentor, a comrade in arms; she is everything your mother forgot to tell you, she is that café with the great overstuffed chairs, where you linger over coffee and madeleines while having a good long chat.   Mother Sugar is a golden notebook where the nonsense comes beautifully together.

We live in North America, Europe and beyond.   We live in interesting places.  We share a love of writing, thinking, listening, laughing, and of course, good chocolate.

If you’ve found us, welcome, we’ve saved you a seat.

23 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Found your blog through Defining Wonderland, I love the style and the concept, I’ll come around your way when I need a little sugar in my bowl :-).

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    • At least as the world grows smaller, with the magic of skype, friends can be closer than ever before. Welcome to Mother Sugar (and thank you for such kind words, we worked really hard on that paragraph!); we look forward to hearing more from you!

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