Join the Conversation: Life’s Luxuries (These were your favourites!)

Lemon Tart is (very!) Lemon Tardy summing up the March Salon Question: What is the luxury you cannot do without and why is it indispensable to you? You all had delicious things to say. In fact, if I strung all of them together it sounds like the kind of day or weekend that would be hard to resist. Imagine 48 hours of this:

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Spring, Spring, Spring!

It’s spring! In Vancouver, the buds are popping open, birds are singing me to the Skytrain and I have a desperate need strong desire to tell everyone all about it. This is a thing with me. Every year, I watch the awakening plant … Continue reading

Rites of Spring

I have a spring ritual. This ritual consists of eagerly, hungrily looking for any sign of spring in plant form (new leaves, flowers – especially flowers), and then announcing their arrival to anyone who’ll listen to me. If I’m walking outside with someone, I’ll make them stop to look at whatever it is I see. “Oh my god, look, leaves!” I have also been known to take pictures of my finds. Like this cherry tree  – the first to bloom in the city (according to my research) taken in early February. Continue reading