The Sweetness of Not Getting What We Want When We Want It

Fleshy Wonderfulness

I can’t get enough.  Images of those round, fleshy, rosy orbs of sweetness hover at the edge of my mind and nibble away at my crave center, refusing to leave me in peace. Despite all of first lady Eve’s considerable charms I would bet Adam was never tempted in the way that I am on a daily basis to give in to the temptation to fondle one again and again, even if for just a few stolen moments, and to drink in the scent and sigh from the pleasure of the sweetness that emanates from within.  Continue reading

A Plague of Wrongly Perceived Choice

I have decided to try online dating again.  I am a woman of some courage, but even I had to give myself a two year break from dating after the last time I tried it, so it is with much trepidation that I attempt to do this again.  I have recently received an email from one man that appears to be, at the very least, sane.  But then again, he may be writing to me from jail.  As you can see, my hopes are high.


As I venture into this murky territory one more time I am attempting to ascertain how to avoid many of the pit-falls that I sank into in the last round.  Continue reading