A Big Announcement

This week has been a little quieter than usual here at Mother Sugar. We would normally be sharing a post from Bitter en Zoet, one of our best loved contributors. Instead, we are grateful and very happy to announce that Bitter en Zoet recently gave birth to a healthy and beautiful child.

Bitter en Zoet was very generous about sharing her experiences on the circuitous route to motherhood. Her thoughts are by turns hilarious, insightful, honest, and poignant – and so are the comments of all of you who generously shared in return.

For those of you who’ve read more about us, you’ll know that Mother Sugar began as a place to share with and cheer on other women – friends, family, mothers, revolutionaries, the lost, the found, and other kindred spirits – in spite of being part of a diaspora of modern life.

We look forward to Bitter en Zoet rejoining us in the future. She is currently taking some time to be with her new family. (A beautiful one, if we do say so ourselves.) In the meantime, keep reading and sharing and feel free to leave a note of encouragement for a new mum!

8 thoughts on “A Big Announcement

  1. Congratulations to thenewly extended family! Our (first) daughter is 10 days old today and I’m typing this in with one hand breast feeding with the other ( so to speak) I have no wisdom to share, but can say with certainty that the healthy arrival of new child brings more happiness than thought imaginable… Enjoy!

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