Join The Conversation: April Edition

The alter ego: come on, admit it, you have one.  That other self that you just know is lurking under the surface, if only…  She is that clearly-defined fantasy version of you, your inner superhero.

Judy Allen as her alter ego The Black Orchid

Judy Allen as her alter ego The Black Orchid


My alter ego is a highly organized, intensely smart and quick thinking type who is an organizer and gets everything done for everyone.  The superhero version of Flapper Pie could manage three kids, keep a clean house, cook gourmet meals (with flapper pie for desert of course), maintain perfectly coifed hair, parent council duties and a full time, high powered job without help and without breaking a sweat.  Oh yes, and she also composes beautiful music in her spare time.  She is so far from who I really am but I know her well.  She lives vividly in my daydreams.

My childhood is rife with vivid memories of my mother wildly tossing her head around playing the air piano and singing the wrong words to honky-tonk music.  Her hands would frantically pound an imaginary piano to Tanya Tucker.   It was no secret that in her daydreams she was a rhinestone-laden, piano playing, torch singing country star.  It was the source of a great deal of eye rolling between my sister and me.

Glitter Gulch photo by Curtis Gregory Perry

‘Glitter Gulch’ photo by Curtis Gregory Perry

Nowadays, I roll my eyes at my husband instead of my mother.  In his not-so-secret fantasy life he is a rock god.  His hobby is the purchasing of guitars; guitars upon which he can only play about two blues riffs.   But those two blues riffs have fueled 15 years of imaginary rock god-dom.   At times he has owned  5 or 6 guitars that he sort-of plays.  He also carries guitar picks around like a child with a rock collection.  In 16 years of marriage I have yet to do a laundry load without pulling one or two picks out of the dryer.

'Fender'  photo by Jérôme Jacquin

‘Fender’ photo by Jérôme Jacquin

So for April’s salon question we would like to know:  Who is your alter-ego, the superhero version of yourself?

A reminder that here’s how it works:

  • Answer the question of the month in our comments section or use it as inspiration for your own blog post and post the link to your blog in our comments.
  • At the end of the month, we’ll reflect on your comments – how you’ve inspired us, or changed our perspective (giving you full credit for your comments, and hopefully sending some readers your way).

In past months we have offered up sweet treats of prizes for your responses.  I thought that I would offer a prize too, albeit of a different nature.  I will randomly draw from responses for a taste of the aforementioned alter-egos.  The winner will receive a lovingly hand written recipe card with my recipe for Flapper Pie, a beautiful pair of earrings that any honky-tonker would dazzle in, as well as a couple of the guitar picks that I pulled out of the laundry this week.  Maybe there should be bonus entries if you can give your alter-ego a name.

It could all be yours!

It could all be yours!


4 thoughts on “Join The Conversation: April Edition

  1. Oh how I love this! I hadn’t thought much about it but don’t we all have fantasy versions of ourselves?

    I’ve certainly had a few in my lifetime but my current one is “Yoga Goddess”. She is always totally centred and wise. Always loving and kind. She can hop up into a handstand and hang out there for hours. She does 1 hour of yoga and 1 hour of meditation by 7am, then trips off to spend the day writing books on how to be healed and whole and maybe teaching a master yoga class or two. She always knows exactly what to say and when at all times, always ready with a perfect pearl of wisdom when it’s needed.

    Ha! Ha!

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