Spring, Spring, Spring!

It’s spring! In Vancouver, the buds are popping open, birds are singing me to the Skytrain and I have a desperate need strong desire to tell everyone all about it. This is a thing with me. Every year, I watch the awakening plant world and celebrate each new sighting with glee. In my heart, I turn into Anne of Green Gables at her most lyrical. Anne of Green Gables did not live in the 21st century, though and my enthusiasm doesn’t always go over that well in our cynical world.  People can’t seem to listen to me very long when I talk about this. So, I wrestle my excitement to the ground and stop myself from going on and on and on. But in the blogosphere, I can Anne-of-Green-Gables all over everything because I have a captive audience and I can’t see anyone’s faces! So I have decided to share my spring joy with all of you. I introduce “Blackberry Honey’s Spring Slideshow”!

About three or four weeks ago now, I saw the first green stalks of my very favourite spring flower inching up past the dirt. A week later, some began to bloom and then more and more. The crocuses are now almost finished! That’s how far into spring we are.



Tailgating the crocuses were, of course the daffodils, immortalized by William Wordsworth. I (nerd alert) memorized the poem in my youth and in spring, am tempted to quote it often.

Eat your heart out Wordsworth!

Then I began to see buds swelling on the cherry trees. Looking outside, I could see a slight reddish haze in the trees, where before, they were only brown and dead-looking.

Almost Cherry Blossom

Then, I saw honest-to-god flowers. Some hardy trees started blooming almost as early as the crocuses. I’ve been told that plants do this. If there are a few of them in an area, one will start blooming before the rest like those poor proverbial canaries in coal-mines. But now, oh now, there are streets lined with trees covered in light pink blossoms. Aren’t they stunning?!


Eat Your Heart Out, Japan!

Then the rhododendron buds started. When I first moved to Vancouver, seeing the buds and not knowing what they were, I called them “Dragon Flowers”. You can kind of see why in the picture below. They look so scaly and before the blossoms come out, they are egg-shaped. It looks almost like a baby dragon might hatch out of them. Yes, I did read too many Dragonriders of Pern books in Junior High.


Hatching Dragon Flower

Now, many of them are blooming and they look like this. So showy!


Adult Dragon Flower

Now, we’re in full spring and it’s a veritable feast of sights for my little eyes. Flowers I don’t know the names of (I don’t really know the names of that many) are everywhere. Like this –


Purple Ones

And like this –


Yellow Ones

And of course, as soon as the other flowers are out you will find these –


Weeds According to Some, Salad According to Others

Thank you, dear readers for listening to me rave. I hope I’ve brought a little spring to your weeks. Now get out there and sniff those blossoms! And if you don’t see them yet, they’re coming, I promise!

P.S. If you know the names of the flowers I don’t have the names for, let me know!


10 thoughts on “Spring, Spring, Spring!

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  2. Thank you so much for your words and the beautiful pictures! I grew up in Vancouver and spring was always my favourite time of year there – so many colours and so much new life! Now I live in a place where spring doesn’t come until at least May so I’m thankful for the glimpses of spring that you shared!

    • It really is a beautiful time of year here, isn’t it? And I do love the bulbs. I have vowed that if I ever live in a house with a lawn, it’ll be full of crocuses and daffodils in the spring. 🙂

  3. I’m so jealous!! It snowed here yesterday! That being said, the tulips are starting to push through and I spotted a robin and two butterflies last week. You picked such a beautiful place to settle BH. Smart girl!

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