Join the Conversation: Life’s Luxuries

A big thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts on last month’s conversation question. I don’t know about all of you but it really makes me feel like I’m part of a larger community. Delicious. So here is the March question for you! Beginning with a little story:

Several months ago I was visiting my Grandmother. We were catching up on the family news at her kitchen table. I had heard that a dear relative, whom I enjoy seeing, had bought a horse – a second horse, in fact. This should be cause for excitement, right? Well, it would be for me anyway except that the horse was taking the place of a new vehicle – a vehicle needed for work that would replace a van with 900,000 km on it. Yes, you read that correctly; almost a million kilometres on that odometer.

It’s an ongoing story. The owner of said horse has never been a bookish sort. But he knows his way around a cattle drive and a rodeo. He’s good at fixing things and keeping them working. He can camp like nobody’s business and took my brother and me when we were kids. He was also one of the first in our family to get a smart phone and tablet. When we visit he shows me photos and video of his horses and other things he gets a kick out of, usually involving history, landscapes, rodeo, farms, ranches, and interesting people he’s met doing interesting things. He texts me country music recommendations and introduced me to a handy app that I can use to locate cheap gas. But he really needs a reliable vehicle. No vehicle, no rent.

“Grandma, I don’t understand. Why would he do that?” I was worried about him, and a little ticked thinking about the rest of my family who would have to look after him if he got into trouble. My 96-year-old Grandmother shook her head at the whole situation, then shrugged and sighed.

“Oh honey, it’s who he is.

And I got it.

This was not a luxury for him. It was a necessity of spirit; food for his soul. We all need to be responsible for meeting our basic needs but I understand the desire to have a luxury line item in the budget for that special thing that we will not do without. For some it’s a big line item, for others it’s something much smaller but no less important.

So for this month’s salon question, we want to hear from you:

What is the luxury you cannot do without and why is it indispensable to you?

As always, we’ll sum up your thoughts at the end of the month. If you care to share, one lucky person will receive a little sweet luxury, courtesy of Mother Sugar. Can’t wait! xo


8 thoughts on “Join the Conversation: Life’s Luxuries

  1. Books and music. These were the first things that came to my mind. I suppose I could have said ‘love’, for it is a gift – but to me it is critical to living one’s life (and becomes a cliche – so I’m not going to go there). Books and music. One book is not necessarily a luxury – but many books may be. One cd or album may not be excessive – in abundance, perhaps another story. When I retired, I told my husband these line items on the budget could not be adjusted downward – we were just going to have to figure out how to deal with it (we have). They both transport me and ground me; make me think and allow my mind to go blank; they nourish me and inspire my hunger.
    And all of that said – when I was little I had a horse. I get that need – a lot (and on certain days one can still hear me plead, “can we get one, pleeeeeeeease????’)

  2. My camera. I am sure that I could do without, or with a cheaper version, of my professional level dSLR. But I use it everyday, take it with me everywhere, and it gives me an outlet, a way to be me, not just a mom to my amazing girls, but ME. Absolutely a luxury item, but a total necessity as well.

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